Graduating from high school in spring of 2011, Elisabeth will pursue her college dreams this fall at Butler University in Indiana.  But first, she'll travel to New York with her work camp this summer for the fourth time; completing home repairs for folks that need assistance.  Later this summer she'll travel to Europe with her orchestra group, where she'll play the violin in Spain and Portugal. She looks forward to pursuing a Pharmacy major at Butler.

When it comes to Elisabeth's Montessori school experience, she looks back on it fondly.  "At MCG my favorite time was sitting on the line with Miss Betty, on the days she shared a new work," explains Elisabeth.  "She had a phrase she used often to describe our feelings...warm fuzzies and cold pricklies."  Elisabeth says she always s got "warm fuzzies when watching Miss Betty share a new work and even though that was 12 years ago, she'll never forget those feelings.   

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Jordan graduated from Yorkville High School in December of 2011, a semester earlier than expected.  While she's been accepted at San Diego State University, she plans to stay at home for a year or so and take classes at a local community college.  Staying home for a bit will allow her to follow her passion for horses, which she enjoys riding regularly.  A lover of all kinds of animals, Jordan is also currently working as a vet assistant.  When the time comes to head to San Diego, Jordan looks forward to pursuing her education in film production.

"I loved my experience at Montessori Children's Garden because I felt that it was a great foundation for making me the student I am today," says Jordan.  "It gives you the time to be independent to learn and work at your own pace, but also time with the teacher and classmates."  When she becomes a parent, Jordan hopes to someday put her own children in a similar program. 

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