Miss Jacqui

Preschool and kindergarten teacher

Miss Teresa

Founder, Director

Nurturing Staff

At Montessori Children's Garden, we take great pride in our experienced and nurturing staff of educators. Our teachers have deep Montessori knowledge and boast years of service with the school. Following the Montessori philosophy, our teachers follow the child while assessing their individual needs. All are dedicated to ensuring your child thrives in our classrooms and beyond. 

"The teachers and staff are all so kind and friendly and know every student and parent. It is a very nurturing and caring environment".
- Lauren Elizabeth
Miss Terry

Preschool & kindergarten assistant teacher

Educational background: 

  • BS Pharmacy

  • Montessori Certification 3-6 and 6-9


Favorite children's book: "Tale of Despereaux - It's a story of perseverance and loyalty. I love the author's style of writing. I love how she draws the reader into the story."


How I relax: "I enjoy cooking at home and weekend soccer games. I often relax with a good book or movie and my favorite snack, chips and dip."


Describe a special day at MCG: "A special day at MCG is when I have the luxury of hearing and observing a child help another child. When they recognize another child's need and respond to it on their own, it's so awesome to see.”

Educational Background:

  • Montessori Certification 3-6

Years at MCG: 16


Favorite Children's Book: "Put Me in the Zoo—I love to see the children's faces light up with each page. They love to see the changing of shapes and colors.”


How I relax: “I relax with a warm cup of coffee and a good book or by taking a nice long walk down the country roads surrounding my home.”


Describe a special day at MCG: “I believe every day is a special day at MCG! My favorite special days are those when a child who has been working on a task every day, finally masters it. It just warms your heart to see how proud they are!”

Educational Background: 

  • BS in Business Administration

  • Montessori Certification 3-6

Years at MCG: 8


Favorite Children's Book: “I love the Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler books, especially, The Gruffalo. The rhymes are fun, the story is compelling and Axel Scheffler’s brightly colored and to-silly-to-be-really-scary illustrations are awesome!


The story tells the tale of clever mouse who uses his intelligence to keep from being eaten by the animals in the deep, dark wood. He is brilliant

and cunning for he invents a scary monster called “The Gruffalo” to scare away his predators, Once he discovers that the Gruffalo is real, he brilliantly escapes being the Gruffalo’s meal.”


How I relax "I listen to music and cook to unwind. I also enjoy the outdoors with my husband Scott and two children Gracie, 10 and

Blair, 7."


Describe a special day at MCG: "Every day at MCG is a special day. I work with a wonderful team of women who I truly count as family. This week I taught the children a new song, where you have to pretend you

are popcorn kernels popping in a pot. This is only the second week for some children and I loved the way they all threw themselves into singing, acting and having fun."





Educational Background: 

  • BS Elementary Education

  • Level I and II training with The National Institute for Learning Development

Years at MCG: 8


Favorite Children's Book: “One of my favorite stories is Harold and the Purple Crayon. I love to see and find out what Harold would draw and where that would take him. I love that idea and I remember imagining my own adventures and the places I could go to and the things I would see with my own purple crayon.”


How I relax: “More than anything, I enjoy spending time with our horses out at the farm. A relaxing day is just being with them, riding and enjoying the smells, sounds and other animals on the farm. I also love to read. I have my book with me at all times. I will even sit in the hay and read at the farm!”


Describe a special day at MCG: “This past Thanksgiving, I was able to help out and be a part of the Thanksgiving celebration at MCG. It was wonderful to see all the children helping out and then to watch everyone sitting together, giving thanks. That was a very special day!”

Educational Background: 

  • Oswego East graduate

  • Waubonsee Community College student, early childhood education

Years at MCG: 6


Favorite Children's Book: “My favorite children’s book would be any Dr. Seuss book because I love the rhyming throughout the book.” 


How I relax: "I relax by hanging out with friends and watching movies.


Describe a special day at MCG: "A special day would have to be getting to work with a child I don't normally get to work with."

Miss Danielle
Assistant teacher
Miss Alexis

Toddler teacher

Educational Background: 

  • Kaneland High school graduate 2010

  • Waubonsee Community College (Sugar Grove, IL) Associates degree, 2015

  • Aurora University College (Aurora, IL) Bachelor’s Degree (Disabilities Studies) 2017

Years at MCG: 2


Favorite Children's Book

Dr. Seuss novels, Ramona Quimby and Junie B Jones

How I relax: Baking, daily exercises to release stress, listen to music, watch movies with family and walks at the park.

Describe a special day at MCG: Every day has been special but my favorite was volunteering for the Santa’s Breakfast working

together with coworkers and socializing with parents and observing the children’s reaction to

Santa’s appearance.

Miss Jennie

Preschool and kindergarten teacher

Miss Cyndi
Assistant Teacher

Educational Background: 

  • B.A. Human Development- Specializing in Early Childhood Education from The University of Kansas.

  • 12 years of experience teaching preschool

Years at MCG: 1

Favorite Children's Book: 

I LOVE any books that can be sung – The Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Little Tea Pot… A new favorite this past year was How Full is Your Bucket? By Tom Rath. We all have an imaginary bucket we carry with us. It’s filled when given compliments or positive interactions. Children learn this quickly and relate to the story. I would often hear when someone was negative or made poor choices with a friend that they were being “bucket dumpers” We tried filling our friend’s bucket as often as possible.


How I relax: Many evenings and weekends are spent watching my boys play soccer and cheering them on.  I love art – painting, knitting, and creating photo books.


Describe a special day at MCG: 

Every day is special with all of the hugs and smiles we’re given but I especially love seeing the accomplishments and independence watching a 3 year old prepare his/her snack, fill the water pitcher and set out a stack of cups for others. Just amazes me that they eat, and put all their things away and go off to finish their work and keep themselves busy. It’s so impressive especially when they don’t even realize they are being watched!

Miss Sydney
Assistant teacher

Educational Background: 

  • Senior at Waubonsie Valley High School

Years at MCG: 2

Favorite Children's Book: Where the Wild Things Are because of the illustrations and how creative the story is.


How I relax: Watching movies with friends or family.

Describe a special day at MCG: When there's a field trip and seeing all the kids' excited faces when they get to ride the bus:)

Miss Diane

Educational Background: 

  • Bachelors in Education - Iowa State University

  • Montessori Certification - 3-6 Montessori Teacher Education Center, San Leandro, CA

Years at MCG: 20


Favorite Children's Book: Corduroy Children's Books

   My mom read them to me growing up and I enjoyed reading the    same to my two girls.


How I relax: Watching any Iowa State athletic event


Describe a special day at MCG: 

Creating opportunities for the children to "do for themselves", and then stepping back and watching them succeed. 

Miss Ashley

Educational Background: 

  • Graduated Waubonsie Valley High School in 2018

  • Student at University of Arizona

Years at MCG: 2


Favorite Children's Book: "When you give a pig a pancake" because it's a fan favorite and I've always had a connection with it since I was little.


How I relax: Working out, spending time at the beach or in the sun, listening to Christian and country music.


Describe a special day at MCG: 

One of my first days at MCG I remember how welcoming and excited all of the students were!  They all were eager to show me all of the works in the classroom. They demonstrated such respectful behavior by focusing hard and working quietly.  I knew that I was meant to work here after that day!

Miss Veronica

Educational Background: 

  • Associates in Applied Science in Nursing

Years at MCG: 12


Favorite Children's Book: The Giving Tree - by Shel Silverstein 

   I like the Giving Tree because you can take so much out of the book.  Looking at the boy and his behavior, reminds me to stop and take advantage of what others have to offer, but to be thankful for what others give freely.  Looking at the tree, the boy benefited from it at all stages of his life. When one would think that the tree had nothing to offer, it still was of some use to the boy. When we feel that we are drained or used up, if we look hard enough, we will find out we are worthy of something for someone in this world.


How I relax: I enjoy reading or watching movies with my family. On sunny days, we enjoy going to parks for walks together. 


Describe a special day at MCG: 

Every day I come to MCG is special! I love to be greeted with hugs and smiles from the children and the wonderful women who form the MCG team. I enjoy just being able to see the children grow and develop before my eyes. 

Miss Min

Preschool and kindergarten teacher

Educational Background: 

  • BS Business 

  • MA Mass Communication

  • MBA Marketing

  • Montessori certification 3-6

Years at MCG: 12


Favorite Children's Book: "It is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. The illustrations are wonderful and it's entertaining to young children."


How I relax: "I relax by reading, listening to music and watching my kids play."


Describe a special day at MCG: "Almost every day at MCG is a special day. I love seeing the smiling faces of children when they are learning and enjoying themselves."

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